Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ginger's Kids

Hardcore Teacher's Resources posted a recommendation for Google Forms. I checked them out and found them to be very worthwhile! Here is a link to Hardcore's Blog...

Hard Core Teachers-Google Forms 


 For several days things have been stressing me out...My family has had a lot of illness, weather has kept me inside so many days, then there is my business! Seems like I am at a stand-still on marketing. Wondering if I should start  my own store...

Today it all came together.:
My family is healthy again!
I Learned how to make "backlinks!"
Have posted products on more sites-that takes a lot of time! Hope it will pay off...


Have been creating some new products! Take a look...

Everything you need to set up a dictionary Center
Persuasive Writing: Advertising Strategies 

I've had a lot of good feedback about this product!

This is one of my "Best Sellers!"

Warm wishes,

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Hello fellow bloggers!

     This has been a trying
week for me. My youngest GREAT granddaughter (age one and 1/2) had her tonsils out. She hasn't been doing well at all...will hardly eat- and drinks very little.  She won't eat off a spoon at all, but will eat a few bites off the princess mirror that comes with a Happy Meal!

I have been trying to understand how to "get-my-name-out-there!"
Have some good supplementary materials to place on Shelfari-succeeded in getting one done! 
     I tried to add my blog to Teacher Portal, but kept getting a "database error" message. I contacted them for help.
     Managed to get a Networked Blog widget.  So-o-o-o, I am getting there slowly, but surely. 
     Does anyone have experience with these sites? If so, are they helpful to you?
     Working on lessons for January and February. I thought I would try something new relating to Presidents...I have a series of America's First Ladies units.
A new way of looking at the Presidents and life in the White House.
Pre-civil War First Ladies #1  Gives a glimpse into the lives of  the first sixteen First Ladies. 
First Ladies #2 spans Civil War to the Great Depression.
First Ladies #3 is presently in progress. It will cover First Ladies from Eleanor Roosevelt to Michelle Obama.
"Four Great Men" analyzes the cultural, economic, religious and occupational backgrounds of four of America's leaders who were assassinated in their prime. The idea for the lesson is from the song, "Abraham, Martin and John." written in response to the deaths of Dr. Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy. A lesson based on music...